Next Chapter Book Club Kid’s Edition: interview with Laurie Krasny – Brown.

Welcome to the Next Chapter Book Club: Kid’s Edition: Author interview with Laurie Krasny – Brown!

We are so lucky that Laurie shared her wisdom with us as the Co Author of “Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families” that was first published in 1986! Since then, over 1.5 million copies of the book have been sold. Laurie is also an accomplished artist, with her work featuring in exhibitions around the world. Laurie has authored, and in one volume also illustrated, sixteen popular picture books for children. She has broad academic and professional experience in education, the arts, and children’s cognitive development. more information about Laurie can be found at:

“Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families” explains the process of divorce, the role that lawyers may play in family law proceedings and puts a name to the emotions that children may experience when their families separate. It also touches on several complex issues that arise in a child’s world when their parents celebrate. Issues such as when a child may live with one parent, the reality when children need to leave their primary residence to spend time with the other parent, celebrating holidays and blended families to name just a few. Divorce is the most important story that parents will tell their children when families experience separation. What parents say, when they say it and how they say it – will impact on children’s mental health, their relationships with themselves and their parents.

Children are impacted by their parents’ separation – even when the separation is amicable. Little people often experience big emotions. It is very common for children to experience anger, shame, loneliness, guilt and grief when their parents separate. The Next Chapter Book Club – Kid’s Edition – has looked at several Children’s Books that parents can read to their children to help them create their own family divorce story and to help support their children’s mental health along the way.

If you have separated or are thinking about it, contact our office for a confidential discussion.