Criminal Defence and Traffic Lawyers

When a person is arrested or is under investigation for a criminal offence, it can be difficult to know what to do. The arresting officer may have told you that there is no hope of avoiding a conviction. The criminal charges you face may be so serious that you feel there’s no way to avoid years or even life in prison. The outcome of your Court case might be life changing, so give yourself the best possible chance with one of our traffic lawyers or criminal defence lawyers. With a competent criminal defence lawyer at your side, you can fight your charges.

The criminal lawyers at Shelly Legal can fully investigate your case in order to determine what can be done to protect your rights.

Whether this is your first arrest or you are facing serious charges we can still work together and develop a legal strategy that utilises the legal system in your favour. We will advise you of your rights, get you ready for your Court appearance and explain the Court procedures so you understand what’s happening. In Court, we will defend your case clearly and strongly to give you the best possible outcome. We regularly appear in all Local and District courts across New South Wales. We can also represent you at the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
  • We will develop a legal strategy that best protects your rights and privacy. With years of experience defending criminal cases, our Sydney criminal lawyers will represent you and protect your rights.
  • We will advise you of your rights, get you ready for your court appearance, and explain all court procedures to you so you understand what’s happening. Your criminal defence lawyer will assist you in understanding your options available to you, including whether you have a legal defence to defend the charges.
  • In Court, we will defend your case clearly and strongly to give you the best possible outcome. Shelly Legal is available to meet your needs. We will fight your charges with competence and professionalism, giving you the best opportunity to defend serious accusations.

Criminal law services at Shelly Legal

As one of the leading criminal law firms in Sydney, Shelly Legal is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support under a wide variety of criminal offences. Protect yourself and your rights with our experienced criminal defence lawyers in Australia.


When should I call a lawyer for criminal defence?

It’s worth contacting a lawyer as soon as police want to interview you. As the police are there to gather information, before you speak to police, contact Shelly Legal to obtain advice.
As well as offering consultation on criminal matters, Shelly Legal also provides professional speaking engagements for educational purposes on criminal justice and policy. Please book a speaking engagement online to learn more.

Do criminal courts cover divorces, wills, or mediation?

Criminal courts do not typically cover divorces, will planning, or mediation proceedings. These are much more likely to be covered in a civil court jurisdiction, such as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia or the Supreme Court of New South Wales. However, we are still able to assist — here at Shelly Legal, we also offer services such as family law, mediation, or estates services. Get in touch with us today to receive professional assistance with your case.

Traffic and vehicle offences

Exceed the prescribed content of alcohol (drink driving), drive while disqualified or suspended, drive without a licence, other driving offences.

Acts intended to cause injury

including common assault, serious assault resulting in injury, stalking, serious assault not resulting in injury.

Justice procedure offences

breach of violence order, resist or hinder police, breach of bond, suspended sentence, or community service order.


including theft from retail premises, receiving or handling the proceeds of crime, theft of intellectual property

Illicit drug offences

possession, cultivation or dealing in illicit drugs

Public Order offences

disorderly conduct, criminal intent, riot and affray, liquor and tobacco offences, offensive language or behaviour, cruelty to animals.

Fraud offences

Obtaining benefit by deception, forgery of documents, dishonest conversion.

Property damage

Graffiti, fire and explosion.

Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substance (DUI), Dangerous or negligent driving.

Prohibited weapons

Misuse, unlawfully obtain or possess a prohibited weapon or explosive.

Sexual assault

Aggravated sexual assault, child pornography.


Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter.

Robbery, blackmail & extortion.


Offences under the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth).

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