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We are a vibrant law practice with a progressive and innovative attitude to approaching legal issues. We have a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to help you protect your interests in all areas of Law.

Shelly Legal is a specialised boutique Family, Criminal and Litigation legal practice that is home to experienced, creative and compassionate lawyers. The Shelly Legal Team is lead by Lydia Shelly, the Director and Principal. At the heart of Shelly Legal is our core value – that we are responsible for advocating against inequality and that we are responsible for seeking justice for our clients and our communities. 

This belief is our passion and drives our advocacy – both inside and outside the Court room. Having an experienced, compassionate and committed lawyer in your corner can make a difference when you are fighting for your rights or defending yourself in Court. If you would like to discuss your matter with us, please arrange a free 15-minute consultation here.

Divorce & Family Law

The breakdown of a relationship or marriage can be one of the most stressful and traumatic times in a person’s life.

Shelly Legal are experts in Divorce and Family Law and are committed to obtaining the best results for our clients. As experienced advocates, we can assist you in navigating the complex family law system for your property and parenting issues. We are also experienced in cultural and religious issues, mental health, drug use, relocation and international abductions and family violence issues that may emerge during family law matters.

Wills, Probate & Estates

At Shelly Legal we understand that dealing with a deceased estate is one of the more difficult challenges in life.

With over a decade of experience in Estate law and litigation, we can help you arrange your medical and financial affairs in order to protect your loved ones. We can compassionately assist grieving family members understand the testamentary intentions of their deceased loved ones and help them obtain Letters of Administration and Probate Applications. We also represent both Executors and Beneficiaries in Estate litigation matters before the Supreme Court of New South Wales in Family Provision Claims.

Criminal Law

When a person is arrested or is under investigation for a criminal offence of some sort, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Being under investigation or charged with a criminal offence can be an incredibly stressful experience. Having a strong advocate that will fight for your liberty and your rights is crucial. It can mean the difference between a term of imprisonment and your freedom. We have represented clients facing serious charges in both the Local Court, District Court and the Supreme Court of New South Wales.


Negotiating and mediating complex disputes, such as property & parenting issues as a result of relationship breakdowns, commercial & employment disputes & disputes relating to estate & family provision claims.

We have represented clients during mediation and negotiations in family law matters, human rights and discrimination tribunal appearances, commercial and employment disputes, as well as during litigated proceedings. Lydia Shelly is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Lydia is an experienced mediator, often mediating complex family law matters involving significant risk issues in parenting matters and complex financial circumstances in property matters.

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    Lydia is an experienced public speaker and has been the key speaker at events held at the Parliament of New South Wales, National Security Summits, events hosted by various law and civil liberty organisations, as well as a regular panellist on television. Lydia also speaks at community events and in Schools on a range of social justice issues.

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    What types of legal services fall under the heading of divorce and family law?

    The end of any relationship is extremely difficult for everyone involved. Often, anger and hurt override reason when it comes to the legal aspects of the dissolution of a marriage or de facto relationship. Shelly Legal will help you understand your rights and consider your options through every step of the process. Whether you are just initiating the legal separation process or have spent months or years fighting about parental custody or child support payments, we can help.

    On the other side of family law are services like creating wills and handling probate for your estate or that of a loved one. You want a legal services company that is experienced in the type of case that you have, and here at Shelly Legal, we are experts in divorce and family law.

    What is the difference between civil and criminal law?

    Civil cases often involve disagreements between people and/or businesses. They may be disputes around issues like divorce and child custody, unemployment benefits, purchases of used cars, and other day-to-day issues. Criminal cases are those where a person is charged with a crime. They may be violent crimes such as assault or murder or involve unlawful appropriation of valuable property such as robbery or shoplifting. Civil cases often seek financial compensation as a resolution, whereas criminal cases might result in a prison sentence.

    What do pro bono and pro se mean?

    Pro bono is a term that means work is taken on voluntarily without payment. In law, pro bono services are provided to those in need at no cost or for a reduced fee. Pro se means that a person represents themselves. Many legal services programs provide pro bono or pro se services to help defendants.

    What makes Shelly Legal the best choice for legal services in Australia?

    At Shelly Legal, we pride ourselves on achieving excellent results for our clients. At the heart of our practice, our core value is that we are responsible for fighting against inequality and seeking justice for our clients and our communities. You can count on us to defend your rights and get the best results for your case — both inside and outside of the courtroom.

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